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(box, Carrie Stewart)

Teriyaki Tofu Triangles
Sea-sational Chickpea Salad
Jerk Tofu
Roasted Carrot Hummus
Beet Hummus
Gluten-Free Vegan Hummus Crackers
Sprout Slaw
Broccoli Red Pepper “Cheddar” Chowder
White Bean Hummus
Roasted Butternut Squash Dip
"Spicy Doritos" Cheezy Dip
Peanut Sauce + Spring Rolls
Sesame Ginger Maple Baked Tofu
Pumpkin Honey Tofu
Anti-Cancer Soup
Thai Coconut Corn Soup
Thai Tofu Red Curry With Vegetables
White Bean Puree with Collards
Spanish Lentils and Mushrooms
Slow Cooker Hot Pumpkin Cereal
Warm Millet Salad with Delicata Squash, Crispy Tofu and Spinach
Carrie's Stew
Meatless Loaf
Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Cheesy Red Pepper Hemp Dip
Vanilla Sweet Potato and Kale Curry
African Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew
Wild Mushroom and Barley Soup
Creamy Red Chard Linguine
Chocolate Pumpkin Pudding
Healthy Brownies with a secret! (jessica)
Live Hot and Sour Soup
Garlic and Kale Soup
Vegetarian Pho
Healthy Peanut Sauce & Tofu Marinade.
Spaghetti Squash & Vegan Mushroom Cream Sauce
Almond & Spice Bean Pie
Creamy Japanese Sweet Potato Soup
Quinoa Salad with Mango, Black Bean, & Avo