(collection, Ipek Ilter)

Chicken Liver Bruschetta with Capers and Sage
Beef Braised in Red Wine
Peppercorn, Potato, and Parmesan No-Knead Bread
Thyme and Caper Salmoriglio
Corn Pudding
Cilantro-Jalapeño Sauce
Lentil Stew with Candied Brussels Sprouts
Walnut Biscotti
Pie Dough
Mom's Pumpkin Pie
Kale Chips
Cabbage Braised with Riesling and Bacon
Potato Latkes
Salmon Rillettes
Braised Chicken with Polenta
Cracked Pepper, Dried Cherry, and Chocolate Chunk Biscotti
Fennel, Almond, and Satsuma Salad
Daifuku Mochi
Smashed Potatoes
Amazing Overnight Waffles
White Winter Soup
Classic You Can Do It Cheese Soufflé
Scandinavian Nettle Soup
Very Spicy, Delicious Chickpeas
Cultural Mongrel Cabbage Slaw
Ginger-Lemon Scones
Middle Eastern Chard and Lentil Soup
Lamb Pitas
Killer Pumpkin Pancakes
Braised Cabbage and Onion with Poached Egg
Asparagus-Leek Galette
The Basic Burger
Rhubarb Almond Cake
Apricot Dumplings
Okowa with Pork and Shiitakes
Mom's Adobo
Cold Zucchini Soup
Escalivada (Grilled Mixed Vegetable Salad)
Upside-Down Polenta Plum Cake
White Bean, Chard, and Pasta Soup
Chili Con Carne
Roasted Chickpeas
French Onion Soup
North African Couscous Soup
Chicken Marbella
Black Bottom Cupcakes
Curried Red Onion Jam with Simple Dal
Lemon Chicken Breasts
Raspberry-Lemon Muffins
English Muffins
Cranberry Orange Muffins
Potsticker Dumplings
Potsticker Dumplings
Blueberry Hand Pies
Thai Seafood and Pumpkin Curry
Hunter's-Style Chicken