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(collection, Caroline Cummins)

Stuffed Artichokes with Lemon Aïoli
Baby Artichoke and Fava Bean Salad with Pecorino
Artichokes with Caper Mayo
Very Basic Skillet Asparagus with Herbs
Asparagus with Lemon Vinaigrette
Oven-Roasted Asparagus with Pine Nuts and Shaved Parmesan Cheese
How to Make the Most of Asparagus
Orzo and Asparagus Salad
Sesame Noodles with Asparagus Tips
Beet and Greens Pasta
Beet Greens with Yogurt
Beet Greens and Feta Phyllo Pockets with Yogurt Dill Dip
Vegetarian Borscht
Smoke-Roasted Bell Peppers Stuffed with Garden Vegetables
Carrot Salad with Moroccan Flavors
Carrot-Ginger Soup
Indian-Style Sauté of Cauliflower and Greens
Citrus Collards with Raisins
Millet, Corn, and Red Pepper Pilaf
Summer Corn Chowder
Buttermilk Cucumber Gazpacho
Eggplant Involtini
Grilled Japanese Eggplant with Honey Soy Glaze
Stuffed Baby Eggplants (Imam Bayeldi)
Ratatouille with Polenta
Endive with Blue Cheese and Walnuts
Warm Fava Bean Salad with Mint and Pancetta
Pasta with Fava Beans, Crab, Thyme, and Cream
Marmalade of Spring Greens
Stir-Fried Greens with Ponzu and Brown Rice
Chickpea Dal with Mustard Greens and Tomato
Lentil Soup with Greens
White Bean, Orange Squash, and Kale Soup
White Bean, Chard, and Pasta Soup
Giant Crusty and Creamy White Beans with Greens
Green Beans with Butter and Salt
CSA Salad with Ginger-Lime Dressing
Tortellini with Fresh Peas and Ham in a Creamy Tarragon Sauce
Farfalle with Green Garlic, Peas, and Herbed Ricotta
Baked Leeks with Cream and Tarragon
Salade Niçoise
Frittatine di Ortica (Stinging Nettle Subrich)
Potato and Green Bean Salad
Country Potato Salad
Roasted Potatoes with Garlic
Twice-Baked Potatoes with Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese
Potato-Kale Soup
Spinach Pâté with Walnuts
Greek Spinach Salad
Wilted Spinach with Bacon and Tomato
Spiced Spinach with Almonds
Yellow Summer Squash Soup with Curry Spices
Pumpkin Soup
Squash Ravioli
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
Roasted Squash with Sausage and Apple Stuffing
Japanese Sweet Potato and Mushroom Gratin with Gruyère and Thyme
Stuffed Summer Vegetables
Tomato Sauce with Roasted Vegetables
Tomato-Basil Bruschetta
Tomato-Olive Relish
Culinate Gazpacho
Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Herbs
Farro Salad with Tomato, Red Onion, and Green Olives
Panzanella Skewers with Parmesan Vinaigrette
Honeymoon Pasta
Bacon-Braised Turnip Greens
Turnip and Turnip Greens Soup
Zucchini Slippers
Summer Zucchini Pasta
Chocolate & Zucchini Cake (Gâteau Chocolat & Courgette)