(collection, Heather Phelps-Lipton)

Candied Kumquats
Candied Citrus Peel
Three-Fruit Marmalade
Preserved Lemons
Whiskey Sauce
Triple Gingerbread
Vanilla Pouring Custard (Crème Anglaise)
Toffee Brittle with Chocolate and Sea Salt
Semolina Almond Cake
Beef Goulash
Perfect Brownies
Refrigerator Chocolate Chip Cookies
Not-Quite-Monster Cookies
Multigrain No-Knead Bread
Sullivan Street Bakery Artisanal Loaf with Variations
Banana Muffins
Janice's Banana Bread
Vanilla Bean Loaf
Greek-Inspired Lamb, Chard, and Feta Tourte
Chocolate Bundt Pound Cake
Moroccan Chicken
Japchae (Korean Sweet-Potato Noodles)
Noodles with Peanut Sauce and Chicken
Shivi's Indian Chicken
Persian Kebabs
Sweet Potato-Coconut Pudding with Toasted Coconut
Cucumber and Red Quinoa Soup
Tangelo-Tangerine Pudding
Mary's Texas Sheet Cake
Giant Crusty and Creamy White Beans with Greens
Lamb and Prune Meatballs (Boulettes D’Agneau Aux Pruneaux)
Italian Wedding Soup
Ginger Pecan Lemon Bars
Gingery Gingerbread
Winter Squash, Rapini, and Barley Soup
Rhubarb Soda
Blueberry Clafoutis
Orecchiette with Ricotta, Fava Beans, and Mint
White Bean, Orange Squash, and Kale Soup
Pear and Ginger Cake
Rum Balls
Coconut-Peanut Sauce
Spicy Asian Meatballs
Bacon Fried Rice
Salted Nut Rolls
Dark Chocolate Fudge
Last Word in Nutmeg Muffins
Building a Levain
Very Spicy, Delicious Chickpeas
Spicy Chicken Barley Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach
Asparagus-Leek Galette
Gâteau Basque
Broccoli Salad with Ginger Vinaigrette
Carottes Râpées (Grated Carrot Salad)
Millet Muffins
White Pizzas with Arugula
All I Want For Christmas Gingerbread
Marcia's Brisket
Panforte Nero
Crystallized Ginger Butter Squares
Kung Pao Chicken with House Rice
Homemade Veggie Bouillon
Turnip Pickles
One-Bowl Vanilla Cake
One-Bowl Vanilla Cake
Soupe au Pistou (Vegetable Soup with Basil and Garlic)