(collection, Laura McCandlish)

Kohlrabi Greens with Toasted Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce
Carrot Halva
Lamb Shish Kebabs
Nettle Soup
Steamed Clams with Tomatoes and Saffron
Linguine with Clams
Blended Butter
Rhubarb Soda
lemon maple cake
Cucumber Canapés
Rhubarb Crumble
Green Garlic Pesto
Orecchiette with Ricotta, Fava Beans, and Mint
Garlic Dill Pickles
Clam Chowder
Orzo and Asparagus Salad
Bay Scallop Ceviche
Mary's Spicy Garlic Dills
Lime-Cucumber Saketini
Peeling and Deveining a Shrimp
Bacon-Braised Turnip Greens
Apricot Streusel Cake
Thai Chicken Salad
Sour Pickles
Norma Harrington's Pie Crust
Stuffed and Fried Zucchini Flowers
Blackberry Peach Almond Crumble
Zanne's World-Famous Rice Salad
Fast Gazpacho
Late Summer Lasagne
Moroccan Red Lentil Soup
Tunisian Lamb Tagine with Toasted Almonds and Couscous
Slow-Cooker Porridge
Crunchy Granola
Italian Plum Cake
Woodland Empanadas
Tuna and White Bean Salad
Glazed Salmon with Dijon Mustard Sauce
Smelt Nanban
Ginger Pork
Chai Tea
Lazy Man's Pho
Saffron Risotto with Butternut Squash
Candied Fennel Cores
Rhubarb Ginger Jam
Cantaloupe and Spinach Salad with Ancho Chile-Lime Vinaigrette
Japanese Egg Salad Sandwiches
Asian Pesto
Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie
Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves)
Joan Ohm's Fresh Strawberry Pie
Açili Esme (Spicy Turkish-Style Yogurt)
Pear and Ginger Cake
Amazing Overnight Waffles
Red-Cooked Chinese Chicken
Red Lentil and Winter Squash Dal
Carrot Top Pesto
Basic Shrub Recipe
Salted Caramel Brownies
My Favorite Brisket