Recipe Queue

(collection, Marilynn Lopez)

Mexican Brown Rice with Pinto Beans
Emerald City Salad
Luscious Beet Salad with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
Chicken Saltimbocca
Chicken Milanese
Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Tarragon and Lime
Italian Sausages with Polenta and Tomato Sauce
Moroccan Chicken
Green Enchiladas with Chicken
Chicken Enchiladas with Fresh Tomato Sauce
Shivi's Indian Chicken
Chicken Curry
Nut and Seed Crackers
Minestrone Soup
Italian Wedding Soup
Shrimp Scampi
Crab in Marinara Sauce
Turkey Meatballs
Turkey Tetrazzini
Noodles with Peanut Sauce and Chicken