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(box, Phyllis Oyama)

Potato, Dill, and Onion Crackers
Lora Brody's Multi-Seed Crackerbread
Black Pepper and Garlic Chicken Wings
Hot Bacon and Blue Cheese Spinach Dip
Hot Dungeness Crab Dip
Stuffed Artichokes with Lemon Aïoli
Açili Esme (Spicy Turkish-Style Yogurt)
Mushrooms Sautéed with Onions and Fresh Herbs
Salmon Rillettes
Wild Mushroom Bruschetta
Cucumber Canapés
Asparagus-Leek Galette
Warm Fava Bean Salad with Mint and Pancetta
Baked Eggplant Smothered in Scamorza
Potsticker Dumplings
Steamed Mussels or Clams with Chorizo
Grilled Leeks with Mustard-Anchovy Vinaigrette