Brooklyn Supper

(blog, Elizabeth Stark)

concord grape ice cream
french toast with orange
concord grape and olive tart
pickle butter
pear crisp with nutmeg
ginger ice cream with black pepper and orange zest
easy weeknight chicken soup
kettle cooked popcorn
laid back thanksgiving turkey
baked cheese grits with spinach
braised lamb necks with cauliflower
bread pudding with apples and dried cranberries
turkey, gravy, sides, and food snobbery
classic braised red cabbage with apples
a brief history of the waffle
spiced oatmeal cookies with raisins
apple pear upside-down cake with vanilla infused butter
goat stew
basic banana bread
winter pork braise
preserved lemon ice cream
quick pickled red onions
clam chowder with jerusalem artichokes and bacon
rustic apple tart with a lard and buttermilk crust
carrot and jerusalem artichoke salad
basic ice cream
buttermilk bay ice cream
brussels sprouts with lemon and parmesan
olive oil cake with lemon and yogurt
fancy joes
celery root and roasted parsnip soup
roasted pear ice cream with honey and vanilla
spiced banana panckaes
now in season
grapefruit tart
a trip to stone barns
homemade cheese crackers
oven fries perfected
mango salsa
rosemary polenta pancakes with sliced cherries and lime
sour cherry and cornmeal upside-down cake
bitter greens with radish and egg
cherry and balsamic ice cream
black raspberry tart
quick pickled cherries and cucumbers
panna cotta with lime, ricotta, and thyme
purslane salad with cherries and peaches
marinated beets
cherry tomato confit
baked eggs with greens and mushrooms
lattice top peach pie with ginger