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(post, Elizabeth Stark)

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This is stinging nettle and mushroom lasagna; unfortunately it looks, and actually also tastes, a lot like spanakopita. Really good, but not in a lasagna way. Though highly delicious, it's far from what I set out to achieve and there will be no recipe. Instead we will use the lasagna as means to review spring eating in all it's glory.

To start, we have the lasagna with stinging nettle pesto and mushrooms. Stinging nettles frighten me but I cooked them anyway. They tasted a lot like spinach, except scarier. Apparently they are really good for you, and so is the cooking liquid, but the thought of drinking something that contained stinging nettles was too much for me. For the sake of information the chemical sting is neutralized by prolonged exposure to hot water, but you never know.

From our small rooftop garden we have perennial chives, oregano, and thyme, as well as recently planted red sorrel, arugula, baby chard, garlic chives, fennel, chervil, and parsley. From the farmers market we are enjoying tuscan, russian, and flowering kale, ramps, tender bok choy, broccoli rabe, and escarole. A friend recently told me about over-wintered parsnips sweetened by the frost; I have yet to try these, but am really looking forward to it.

I am so happy to have so many fresh, new foods to choose from. Thank you spring.