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a trip to stone barns

(post, Elizabeth Stark)

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People like to look at animals way more than animals like to look at people. It costs $15 to go to the Bronx Zoo if you don't want to see the tigers, the gorillas, and the butterflies, more if you do. (Word to the wise- skip the tigers. It's depressing.) Animals, on the other hand, really only look at you if they think you are going to do something to them or you are going to give them some food or you are making a weird noise. Or they are going to eat you. It's just as well, because it's unnerving when an animal looks at you.

And the only thing people like more than looking at regular old animals is looking at baby animals. There are lots of websites devoted to pictures of baby animals. I don't have the sense that our forebears had this need to see cute baby animals. Maybe because middle-class people have babies so much later than they used to, they need a way to get their cuteness fix. I just invented that theory now.

This past weekend, we braved the hardship of waking up early on a Saturday, a thunderstorm, and a bout of car-sickness so we could drive to Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture up in Westchester to look at animals. Totally worth it. Click here for more about the trip.