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cherry tomato confit

(post, Elizabeth Stark)

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The Brooklyn Supper garden doing pretty well despite the crazy east coast heat. The tomato plants,  while still producing heaps of fruit, start to look kind of doomed this time of year. I used to get really stressed and comb the internet for remedies, but really, I have the space I have, and I'd prefer to just let them do what they're going to do and get on with my life. Last year I made these  self watering containers, and the consistent moisture really helps. We have two green zebra plants, one yellow plum, and one sugar lump, and they have been keeping us in tomatoes for over a month.

This simple tomato confit put my ever expanding tomato supply to use, while showcasing and concentrating the homegrown tomato flavor. The recipe lies somewhere between roasting and confit, but it tastes good no matter what you call it, with a hint of caramelization and an almost jam-like intensity. 

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