(collection, Kathy Block)

Moroccan Red Lentil Soup
Chocolate Chip Cookies
ale turkey meatloaf
Winter Squash Soup
Squash Macaroni and Cheese
Pasta With Braising Greens & Plum Tomatoes
A Light Touch for Meatballs
Spiced French Green Lentil Soup
Collard Greens and Smoked Turkey Soup
Salted Caramel-Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce
Rabbit and Wild Mushroom Ragout
Turnip Pickles
Old-Fashioned Apple Dumplings
Ricotta and Goat Cheese Tart in a Nut Crust
Flaky Pie Crust
Salted Caramel Brownies
Chocolate Bark with Cardamom and Sea Salt, Apricots and Pistachios
Stir-Fried Pork and Green Beans with Garlic and Black Pepper
Fresh Udon Noodles
Miso-Sautéed Udon with Shiitake Mushrooms
Cabbage Braised with Riesling and Bacon
Sour Cream Mashed Rutabagas with Fresh Dill
Potsticker Dumplings
Orange Salad with Fresh Orange-Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette, Iced Onions, and Cilantro
Carrot and Mitsuba Salad with Citrus
Vinegar Glossed Chicken
Moroccan Fish Tagine
Tabula Kisir
Chickpea and Spinach Salad with Harissa and Preserved Lemon
Edamame Sriracha Succotash