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Miso-Sautéed Udon with Shiitake Mushrooms

(recipe, Matthew Amster-Burton)

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This recipe was adapted from Kentaro Kobayashi's Easy Japanese Cooking: Noodle Comfort.


    1. 2 Tbsp. sake
    2. 1½ Tbsp. red miso
    3. 1 Tbsp. mirin
    4. 1 tsp. sugar
    5. 3 Tbsp. ground black sesame seeds
    6. 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger
    7. ½ tsp. sesame oil
    1. 2 blocks frozen udon noodles (or use fresh udon)
    2. 1 Tbsp. vegetable or peanut oil
    3. 4 oz. shiitake mushrooms, stems discarded, diced
    4. 2 scallions, sliced


    1. Stir together the sauce ingredients and set aside.
    2. Cook the udon noodles in boiling water (for frozen noodles, about one minute), drain, and rinse with cold water.
    3. Heat the vegetable oil in a skillet. Add the mushrooms and scallions and cook until browned and tender, about 6 minutes, reducing the heat if necessary. Add the sauce and stir to coat. Add the noodles and stir until well coated and heated through.
    4. Serve hot or at room temperature.


    Culinate editor's note: Fresh sliced baby bok choy, or fresh or defrosted spinach leaves, make a nice last-minute addition to this dish.