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Local Flavors

(column, Deborah Madison)

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Home and away
Ten years later
Relearning old lessons
School lunch abroad
Everybody's sweetheart
Cake plans
No choice
Kitchen cleanup
Writ large
Pomerol and polenta
Youthful inspiration
A green dinner
It takes a village to make a garden
The fruit sublime
The limits of vegetarianism
Heartland flavors
Egg sandwiches and strange vegetables
Shooting food for a cookbook
Fruity winter desserts
Soup season
Beguiling French vegetables
Charter-school lunch
The fits and starts of spring
Eating alone
Arugula-bloom love
Tart and tender sorrel
Quelites love
Stellina is stellar
A melon worth the drive
Eating at the Corn Exchange
A cool soup for a hot day
Shishito peppers
Small "fruit" tomatoes in the market
Have apples?
A serious potluck
Jerusalem artichokes
Making the most of quince
An elegant dried-fruit compote
A new year's garden supper
A shimmering orange dessert
Food for the snow-bound
Uplifting vegetables
Fruit close to its source
In love with lovage
Chervil and angelica
California fruit abounds
Jellied wine
Get comfortable cooking with herbs
A sauce for all seasons
A catalog of diets
Big, special squashes
Setting the table
Winter market treasures
Disappearing winter squash
The difficult cardoon
Yeasted oat pancakes
The disappearing vegetable
Simple, sweet, and sufficient
When you have a garden
Stem that waste
Salad lesson
Fall mélange
A way with apples
Discovering a new squash
Persimmon time
The beauty of breadcrumbs
Gratin know-how
Crunch time
Jolly green asparagus
Hot days, warm soup
Tart time
Eggplant fast food
Winter squash and sage
Goat-cheese tart
Expectations squashed
An airy holiday dessert
Barley becomes 'risotto'
Miner's lettuce
Getting smarter about vegetables
Using the whole vegetable
Quick pasta
New potatoes in sorrel sauce
The nose knows
An herb sauce to remember
Understanding seaweed
Wheat-berry stew
Sage advice
Remembering Judy Rodgers
A winter romesco sauce