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We are all eaters

(article, Kim Carlson)

p(blue). (Editor's note: This contest is over.)

Hungry Planet is a shared favorite among us here at Culinate. The book's many photographs and stories depict what people eat in a week — from Guatemala to France to Japan. Hungry Planet beautifully reminds us of the ways food connects people the world over. 

These days, diets everywhere are shifting. Are the old ways of eating healthier than the new ways? Probably, but take care not to romanticize. "The people in Africa would trade with you in a minute. They would love to be able to get in a car and drive to the supermarket instead of going to the weekly market in the next village on the back of a donkey," say  the book's photographer, Peter Menzel, on Culinate this week.

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Hungry Planet is a window to the wider world. So when the opportunity arose for us to give away a hardbound copy of Hungry Planet, signed by Menzel and his wife and co-author, Faith D'Aluisio, we grabbed it. 

Plain and simple, we think you'll love this book. 

h4. How to win

So here's our latest contest: Tell us how you like your eggs.

In many cultures, eggs are a dietary staple. In the Produce Diaries this week, managing editor Caroline Cummins tells of enjoying her farm-fresh eggs soft-boiled. 

Skip over to Produce Diaries, and leave a comment to tell us how you prefer yours. And if you don't eat eggs, tell us what you like as a stand-in. 

We'll pick a random winner from the eggy comments on Friday, October 12, at noon PST — that person will win a copy of Hungry Planet. Please be sure to leave your email in the appropriate place, so we can notify you if you win.

Honestly, I wish we could give a copy of this book to everyone — it's that good. 

We can't do that, but we can promise you a couple more opportunities to win Hungry Planet on Culinate. Check back soon.

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