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(article, Caroline Cummins)

The pickup: Ever since our CSA started in May, we've been enjoying a weekly box of eggs from Wooden Bridge Farm, just north of Portland in Washington state. (The farm supplies our CSA, Dancing Roots, with eggs from its pastured hens.) 

These irregularly sized, oddly shaped, all-varieties-of-brown-colors eggs are the real deal: they come from chickens that eat not just chicken feed but live bugs and green grass, and incidentally get to spend plenty of time in sunlight and fresh air.

[%image feed-image float=left width=350 credit="Photo © Culinate" caption="Fresh eggs from pastured hens."]

The results: At the start of the summer, we made what felt like several gallons of ice cream, plus angel food cake (the yolks went into the ice cream, the whites into the cake). But a dozen eggs can disappear fast that way. And, really, the eggs are so delicious — and their yolks such a vivid orange — that it seemed a shame to not eat them all on their own. Now that CSA season is winding down, the eggs are getting smaller, and soon they'll be gone. 

So we're savoring them, one by one, by putting them in a small saucepan of water, bringing the water to a boil, turning the heat down to low, and simmering them for just four or five minutes. Sliced in half and dusted with pepper and salt, they're soft-boiled satisfaction itself.

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