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Newsletter: October 7

(post, Kim Carlson)

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I have to admit, I was late to the table — Gourmet magazine's table that is. Unlike my friends who grew up with Gourmet, I didn't grow up with any cooking magazines. (The closest we came was Prevention, the subscription a gift from my grandparents; oh, how those unopened issues would stack up.) 

In college, I had an internship at what I suppose was a competitor, and later I subscribed, for a year or two, to other food magazines. Through the years I'd glance — of course — at Gourmet, but I confess, I never got it. 

But then, about five years ago, I subscribed for the first time — sat down at Gourmet's table as it were — and I didn't want to leave. I certainly didn't want to leave so suddenly, as I and legions of other fans must do this week; Gourmet, after 68 years, will cease publication immediately.

Other readers might make fun of the J. Crew models-at-dinner scenes  (e.g. July 2008), or the occasional over-the-top recipe, but I was taken with all of it. When went online early in 2008, I was delighted by what I (and probably I alone) interpreted as a print-Web joke: The cover of the February 2008 issue was a gorgeous photo of a cheese sandwich; had, in its inimitable way, joined the so-called blogosphere, about which, a couple of years earlier, Pete Wells had written that "eating a cheese sandwich qualifies as a hot scoop for legions of bloggers."

Gourmet  is (or, I guess, was) the only food magazine all the Culinate editorial staff receive at home, so we don't have to share; when it arrives in the mailbox each month I feel as if I've been given a gift. 

I could go on and on, but I will stop with this: To all of the Gourmet_ staff, from Editor Ruth Reichl to the farthest-flung freelancers, we will miss your monthly feast. Thanks for feeding us so well, for so long.