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A sad day for Gourmet

(article, Culinate staff)

Since the news of Gourmet magazine's demise hit on Monday morning, major media outlets have weighed in, from the Wall Street Journal to Time magazine to NPR (at least the blog portion of NPR). 

The decision came down to ad dollars; as a New York Times interactive chart showed, Gourmet had lost more advertising pages than other Condé Nast magazines.

But for fans of the magazine, it wasn't about the money.

David Tamarakin, writing on the Time Out Chicago blog, echoed the sentiment of many of Gourmet's fans:

bq. To put it in a succinct cliché: I can’t imagine a world without Gourmet. And though my life as a food writer, and a contributor to the magazine, may be more affected by the closure than some others, that’s not really the pain I’m feeling. I’m feeling the pain of a reader; I’m trying not to imagine the approaching moment when a month goes by and Gourmet doesn’t reach my mailbox.

Meanwhile, another Gourmet contributor — Culinate member [/user/giovannaz "Giovanna Zivny"] — posted a [/user/giovannaz/blog/illneverstopgoingbacktogourmetforseconds memory] of her first story for the magazine:

bq. And then there are the selfish reasons I'm brokenhearted. I will always remember the day I innocently opened an email with the subject line: Cookies. I'd long since forgotten I'd sent a story in, and there it was. An email from John Willoughby, saying they wanted to buy the story, and (if that wasn't already enough), that both he and Ruth had loved the story. I'm sure you can imagine what sort of a dream come true that was for a writer. I was lucky enough to publish two stories in their magazine, and corny though it may be, I have to say I feel truly honored to have made it into their pages.

We'll miss much about the magazine — perhaps most especially the "Politics of the Plate" features by Barry Estabrook. Here's hoping his work appears elsewhere soon.

Finally, from the a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words department, check out Gawker's photo of the abandoned Gourmet_ offices.