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Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails

(book, Anthony Giglio & Jim Meehan)

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From hot winter toddies to festive, refreshing punches, seasonal cocktails are all the rage in bars and at get-togethers. Now you can entertain your guests at home with drinks tailored for every holiday season, from the experts at Mr. Boston, America's favorite drink-mixing guide. 

Mr. Boston has been the go-to manual for bartenders and spirits professionals since the repeal of Prohibition, and with this collection of stylish all-new drink recipes, Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails puts the expertise of world-class mixologists at your fingertips.

Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails helps you get the festivities rolling with 78 celebratory recipes, collected from the best cocktail creators in the country. Illustrated with mouth-watering, full-color photographs, these recipes range from classic (Hot Buttered Rum) to trendy (Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini) to surprising and unique (Lancaster On Hudson, with bourbon and apple butter). 

You'll appreciate the Trade Secrets sprinkled throughout the book for preparing and serving the perfect drink, along with the attention to the purity and flavor of fresh ingredients in your cocktails.
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