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Great Good Food

(book, Julee Rosso)

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In this 1993 volume, Julee Rosso, co-author of the phenomenally successful The Silver Palate Cookbook and The New Basics Cookbook, gathered recipes that use minimal fat but don't sacrifice pleasure for nutrition. While Rosso lowered the fat, she didn't forgot that taste is always the driving factor when we make food choices.

In these more than 800 recipes, within menus designed to be used every day, are dishes built on the grains, beans, and rices that are the foundation of a smart diet; the herbs and fabulous vegetables that now spring up in our gardens and supermarkets; and the fresh fish, lean game, and delicate poultry that are being raised for today's table.

Rosso delivers the sizzle without straining the skills of the average home cook. Away from the kitchen, it also is a treasure trove of nutritional information, gardening and shopping tips, seasonal and international menus, food history and lore, and charming ideas for dressing up the house and catering to your guests.
Glazed Plum Bundt Cake