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Macaroon mania

(article, Ashley Griffin Gartland)

Because they're flourless, macaroons are a popular Passover dessert. But May 31 provides another reason to nibble on these cookies: National Macaroon Day.
Made from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, macaroons were supposedly created in an Italian monastery in 1792. Centuries later, they still have a strong following. Stateside, the most familiar version is the coconut macaroon, a blob of shredded-coconut dough baked up light and fluffy. Far more elegant is the French macaroon, a delicate variation on the cream-sandwich cookie.

Food blogger Orangette adores chocolate-covered coconut macaroons, while New York Times food writer and blogger Mark Bittman  takes traditional coconut macaroons one step further by forming them into a variety of geometric shapes.

In honor of tomorrow's holiday, skim the Petites Bouchées guide to eating a macaroon, then buy or bake your own.