The New American Plate Cookbook

(book, American Institute for Cancer Research)

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h4. From the publisher

We all want great-tasting meals, but we also want meals that help us maintain a healthy weight and live longer, healthier lives. Marrying the art and science of food, The New American Plate Cookbook is the first cookbook designed to accomplish all three goals. 

Under the aegis of the American Institute for Cancer Research, a team of cooks, nutritionists, food writers, and scientists collaborated to create 200 recipes, from appetizers to desserts, that combine sound nutrition with culinary ingenuity.

From updated favorites to innovative showstoppers, The New American Plate Cookbook delights the senses while helping you reduce your risk of serious health problems like cancer and heart disease. Whether you wish to achieve a healthy weight or find a lifelong approach to eating nutritious meals, The New American Plate Cookbook will satisfy your conscience while it dazzles your palate.
Fettuccine with Figs and Chiles
Whole Corn and Green Chile Muffins