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Happy Day, Earth

(article, Kim Carlson)

I was seven years old on that first Earth Day back in 1970, and to honor the occasion my first-grade classmates and I picked up litter. I’m betting there wasn’t much talk about food that day (although I recall somebody brought popsicles for the litter-picker-uppers); the grownups were too busy thinking about water pollution, air pollution, and conserving energy.

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I’m not sure how many people were talking about food in conjunction with good stewardship of the earth 37 years ago, but fortunately, lots of people are talking about it now.	

One of those people is Deborah Kane, who’s the head of Ecotrust’s Food and Farm program. Deborah and her colleagues are doing good work to connect communities in the bioregion known as Salmon Nation — from Alaska to California — with ecological initiatives. They do this by emphasizing the health of food systems, along with fisheries and forests. One of Ecotrust’s programs, the Farmer-Chef Connection, was recently profiled on 

Kudos to Deborah and those at the Food and Farm program for reminding us that sustainable food systems are central to the work we need to do to improve the health of our planet. 

If you haven't read the environmental online newsmagazine Grist, Earth Day is a good day to check it out. Not to miss are Tom Philpott's Victual Reality column and Roz Cummins' dispatches about food.

h4. Links on our site

To recognize Earth Day we’ve gathered up links to a few articles on Culinate that address eating green. It's a feast.

There are two features, one about locavores, who are helping to redefine how we eat, and another about turning lawns into gardens. 

There’s an interview with John Kallas, an expert in the art of foraging, and one with cookbook author Deborah Madison, long an advocate of eating with the seasons. 

There are two opinion pieces, one by Dan Imhoff and one by Dan Barber, about the Farm Bill. If you’re wondering how eating green has anything to do with the Farm Bill, check them out.

There are a sprinkling of Sift items too: one on teabag waste, one on water-bottle waste, and one on the sneaky increase of genetically modified food into the American diet.

Finally, here’s a profile of one of our favorite food blogs, The Ethicurean, which every day keeps people everywhere informed about what’s in the news regarding sustainable, organic, local, and ethically raised food. 

At Culinate, we will continue to publish works that emphasize the efforts many people are making to produce and eat foods that are sustainably grown — nourishment at its most basic.

Happy Earth Day.

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