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Food, movement, and music

(article, Kim Carlson)

It's movie madness:

(1) [/columns/deborah "Deborah Madison" newpage=true], one of our favorite cooks — and an energetic local-food advocate and great storyteller to boot — was featured by Craig McCord on The Huffington Post last week. 

[%youTubeMovie Ku-yFhXld7A]

For more films about people who work in the world of food — including Nina Planck, author of Real Food, and Dan Barber, of Blue Hill — check out McCord's The People Who Feed Us.

(2) Via Chews Wise we found these cheerful videos of British dairy farmers practicing tai chi. Even if you, too, are a tai chi aficionado, chances are you've never tried such moves as "stroke the cow" or "stop the herd."

(3) Over at Discover Magazine we, uh, discovered the Viennese Vegetable Orchestra, which uses fresh vegetables as instruments. According to Discover,_ the key to the musicians' success is water:

bq.Maintaining moisture is key to making music with veggies. Onstage in the hot spotlight, the instruments often dry out and change their tune. So the musicians — who buy the vegetables fresh from the market before each concert and serve soup made from leftovers to the audience — dunk their carrot flutes into water between pieces. 

[%youTubeMovie hpfYt7vRHuY]