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 h1. Dear readers,

 Daphne Miller has taken the kind of working vacations many of us dream about: food-centric explorations of such places as Greece, Iceland, and northern Mexico. Daphne, a family physician in San Francisco, went in search of indigenous diets; she wanted to know if and how the Mediterranean diet on Crete differs from that of, say, the Olive Garden. In short, she found that it differs quite a bit, and she wrote an entire book on the topic of adapting indigenous diets to our Western palates. I talked with Daphne about her book, The Jungle Effect, and we've posted the conversation on Culinate. 

 One big difference between the traditional Mediterranean diet (touted as particularly healthful) and the Americanized version (which is not) lies in whole grains. People on Crete eat a rough, whole-grain bread called rusk; it's delicious, Daphne says, softened bite by bite in a bit of lemon juice and olive oil. 

 For more on whole grains, we look to New York dietitian Marissa Lippert, our new Health+Food columnist, who ably tackles the subject in this month's column. All this reading and discussion led us to wonder if we're eating our share of nourishing grains — not easy to do without a concerted effort, but we're going to try. Watch the site in the coming weeks as we bring you the Whole-Grain Challenge. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. We've enjoyed reading your [/fritters Fritters] so much, we're looking to do another contest in the coming weeks. For the time being, though, we wanted to congratulate Olga, who was last week's winner of an [%amazonProductLink asin=B000HAVOC6 "18-piece set of Pyrex glass containers."]
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story1text: "Banh mi: Vietnamese sandwiches good enough to make again and again, even in the same week."
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story2text: A couple of appetizing food-and-drink books to knock back this summer. 

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recipe1text: Not a classic shortcake, but a delicious variation of sponge cake and berries.
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recipe2text: This cool-weather herb makes a fine pesto while we wait for summer basil. 

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