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Indroducing Marissa

(article, Kim Carlson)

At Culinate, we feel fortunate to have featured the work of Catherine Bennett Dunster on the site over the last year. Catherine, who established the Health+Food column, reminded us all to think carefully about how we nourish our bodies as we feed ourselves and our families each day. We thank you, Catherine, for your careful work and your unfailing good taste. 

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Now we are pleased to welcome Marissa Lippert, who takes Catherine's place at Health+Food this month — beginning with whole grains, a topic that's near and dear to our hearts. Marissa, like Catherine, is a registered dietician; unlike Catherine (a Portlander), Marissa hails from New York.

A nutrition consultant, Marissa believes that good food is key to good health; she strives to help her clients understand the ripple effect of eating well. We look forward to learning more about healthful food from her monthly installments. Welcome, Marissa!

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