Culinate Newsletter Feb 20 08

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Earl Butz, the secretary of agriculture under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, is hardly a household name. But if you've lived in the United States anytime in the last 30 years, you've witnessed his legacy. Butz left office in 1976, but not before he had revamped the way American farms do business. He's known as the architect of modern farming policy -- ultimately, heavily subsidized agriculture -- which in turn has led to cheap corn and, it's been forcefully argued, unhealthful eating.

 When he was filming '"King a few years ago, Curt Ellis met a frail and aged Earl Butz in Indiana, and now, just weeks after Butz's death at 98, Curt reflects on that meeting.

 Also on the site this week, you'll find a tasty morsel from Nicole Mones' latest novel, The Last Chinese Chef. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. If you live in the vicinity of Napa, California, consider entering our contest to win a set of two tickets for a walking tour of the  Death by Chocolate festival at Copia this weekend (a $90 value). Leave a comment here saying who you would bring and why, and we'll draw for several sets of tickets. Good luck!

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story1text: Handwritten recipes remind Deborah Madison of the people who wrote them -- including herself.
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story2text: Trying to kick the paper-towel habit? Matthew Amster-Burton offers some suggestions, including microfiber.

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recipe1text: Taco fans? These similar dinnertime treats are not hard to make and will be popular with eaters of all ages.
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recipe2text: This unfrosted chocolate cake is as moist as you could wish for, but serve it with ice cream for an ultimate taste treat.

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