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Copious chocolate

(article, Culinate staff)

The name of our contest was [/chocolate "Death by Chocolate," newpage=true] but despite that, the whole thing was a blast.

Voting was close — judges had their work cut out for them — but in the end, Cathy, of the blog Not Eating Out in New York, won their hearts with her tale of woe (and chocolate). 

[%image PainofChoc float=left width=300 caption="Pain with Chocolate, and that's not French."] Cathy and her guest(s) will join our reader winner, Donna Benjamin, and her guest, in Napa on February 23 for Copia's "Death by Chocolate" Festival. Both also win a private tour of Charles Chocolates (see special Culinate reader offer below).

We thank everyone who participated in or helped with the contest — the many bloggers who submitted chocolate posts, the judges, the sponsors, and all of the many others who contributed ideas and time. 

And we thank you, the readers who entered and voted. 

There are only two grand-prize winners in this contest, but fortunately, there's lots of chocolate to go around.

It's never to late to impress your sweetheart.

Congratulations to Bay Area locals: Karin, Anita, Donna, Shalaco, and "Goddess" who won tickets to attend the walk around on Saturday

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