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Keep Chickens!

(article, Liz Crain)

Barbara Kilarski is a self-professed "total city chick" who, after purchasing a house in Portland, Oregon, unexpectedly caught the gardening bug. Since then, she's become infatuated with self-reliance, sustenance, and home-grown flavors. 

Her chickens are her "girls," with names like Zsa Zsa and Whoopee; they're family pets residing in a comfortable coop in Kilarski's small urban backyard. Keep Chickens! is a personal and pun-filled book that illustrates in frank detail all the benefits of keeping chickens: free fertilizer, pest control, entertainment, kitchen-scrap disposal, and, of course, farm-fresh eggs.


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Although Kilarski's tone is fresh and funny, every angle of chicken-keeping is covered. You'll find advice here on designing and building coops and henhouses; watering, feeding, and caring for cluckers; and plenty of recipes sunny-side-up and otherwise.

If you've ever been curious about keeping chickens, but never knew the ins and outs of tending them in an urban/suburban space, this book is for you.

p(bio). Liz Crain is a writer in Portland, Oregon.

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