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Spring Board

(recipe, Carrie Floyd)

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I have a hard time resisting charcuterie and cheese plates when I go out for dinner or meet a friend for a glass of wine. I love to nibble on lots of little things — salty, sweet, sour, and sometimes surprising. Here in Portland, especially, this menu allows the kitchen to showcase locally cured meats, cheeses, and produce. A recent repast at Noble Rot included a meat board with duck salami, strawberries and balsamic vinegar, pork rillettes, and spring greens. It inspired me to come up with my own collection. This spring board (get it?) collects a variety of luscious seasonal ingredients and errs on the lighter side; feel free to play around, making substitutions according to your own whims.


    Lemon-Herb Spread
    1. ½ cup Greek yogurt or yogurt cheese, or 6 ounces fromage blanc
    2. 1 Tbsp. freshly grated lemon zest
    3. 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh herbs: dill, chives, parsley, and/or basil
    4. Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    For the board
    1. 6 to 8 oz. smoked salmon, Simple Gravlax, or Salmon Rillettes
    2. A small wheel of goat Brie or another creamy mild cheese
    3. Pickled asparagus, purchased or homemade
    4. ½ cup rhubarb chutney
    5. Sliced artisanal spelt or rye bread, or sturdy whole-grain crackers


    1. Make the lemon-herb spread: In a small bowl, mix together all the spread ingredients, stirring until smooth. Transfer to a serving bowl.
    2. Assemble the board: Arrange the smoked salmon, cheese, pickled asparagus, rhubarb chutney, sliced bread, and bowl of spread on a board or tray.
    3. Serve the board: Slather the bread with the spread and top with the smoked salmon. Spread the cheese on the bread and add a dollop of chutney. Eat the pickled asparagus by itself or paired with the salmon.