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Culinate Newsletter May 30

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 h1. Dear readers,

 You may have noticed that we've published lots of veg-centric posts on Culinate lately — about the season's lesser known veggies, about garlic scapes, about coleslaw, and about that fleeting treat with a loaded heritage — the ramp. 

 It's spring, and there's a bounty of [/columns/deborah/greenfood "green food"] right now; it's easy to veg out. Beyond any seasonal interest we have in vegetables, though, is our ongoing effort to eat more of them always — and sometimes to forego meat entirely. A new book, The Meat Free Monday Cookbook, advocates eating no meat at least one day a week. This book, published in Great Britain, with a foreword by Paul, Stella, and Mary McCartney, is just one example of how the Meatless Monday campaign is gaining steam; it's now in 23 countries.

 When we do decide to cook beef, we seek meat from reputable sources — and that often means grassfed beef. Frequent Culinate writer and friend Lynne Curry has a new book called Pure Beef; it's loaded with information about selecting and cooking artisanal beef and contains 150 recipes — including the delectable Grilled Top Blade with Arugula Salad and Scorched Croutons, which we've just added to Culinate.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director


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story1text: "More than just cabbage: Nathan Krishnamurthy deconstructs a classic American salad."
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story2text: "Megan Scott examines the exploitation of a coveted, pungent vegetable in Appalachia." 

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recipe1text: "Judith Jones has mastered cooking for one. Here’s her ‘scrumptious’ soufflé."
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recipe2text: "This is a beautiful, fail-safe cobbler from Annie Somerville of Greens Restaurant." 

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