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Pure Beef

(book, Lynne Curry)

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h4. From the publisher

Based on the most current research in nutrition and food science, and written for the newly converted and hard-core carnivores alike, Pure Beef will answer readers’ most essential questions: Why eat beef? What kind should I eat? Where can I buy it? How should I cook it?

Americans have a lot to learn about their all-time favorite meat; even devoted beef eaters rarely venture beyond steaks and hamburgers. Because there's a whole lot more to a cow, Pure Beef will teach readers how to cook every cut, including underappreciated meats from the shoulder, haunch, and belly, not to mention meaty ribs and organ meats. For folks who prefer to stick with steaks and burgers, the new, leaner beef on the market (especially grass-fed) demands a different way of cooking those classic dishes to perfection, and Pure Beef will show home cooks the way.

A balanced approach to beef’s healthfulness, economy, and sustainability lies at the heart of this book. By its very organization, Pure Beef upends the traditional beef hierarchy that promotes 12-ounce portions of big steaks and premium roasts. The background information in Part I will revise health and nutritional information about beef consumption, while the recipes in Part II will revalue the most common beef cuts, starting with ground beef, and adjust serving sizes to match current nutritional recommendations. 
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