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Steamed Tofu

(recipe, Katie Hickey)


Super simple and easy dish. If you like custardy, soft tofu, this is a great healthy way to serve it.


  1. 1 package silken soft tofu (I use House brand)
  2. 6 dried shitake mushrooms
  3. a small knob of fresh ginger, cut into thin matchsticks
  4. soy sauce
  5. sesame oil
  6. Serve with Ginger Scallion Sauce


  1. 1. Soak shitake mushrooms in hot water for 45 minutes. Squeeze them dry, disgard stems and thinly slice. Reserve the soaking liquid.
  2. 2. Carefully tip tofu from packet onto a plate and cut into 4 equal squares. Transfer 2 squares each to a sling of parchment paper for steaming.
  3. 3) Arrange the sliced mushrooms and ginger over top of each square of tofu.
  4. 4. Set a steamer rack in a wok and fill with water to just below the rack. Add the mushroom soaking liquid. Place over high heat. Place the slings of tofu onto the steamer rack and drizzle some soy sauce and a little bit of sesame oil over top of the tofu. Cover the wok and steam 5-6 minutes.
  5. Remove the tofu slings and serve topped with any or all of the following: scallions, soy sauce, sliced jalapenos, sezchuan pepper, sesame oil and cilantro OR Momofuku's Ginger Scallion Sauce.