Culinate Newsletter Dec 5 07

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 h1. Dear Readers,

 We're pleased to bring two new writers to the Dinner Guest blog. One is Mike Madison, a farmer in the Sacramento Valley and author of  Blithe Tomato. Mike's blog will consist of excerpts from his book, a witty, thoughtful collection of brief essays about agricultural life. The other blogger is Cindy Burke, author of To Buy or Not to Buy Organic. Cindy brings a parent-chef-and-cynical-marketer perspective to the blog, and we're happy to have her here.

  Last weekend's fundraising dinner in Portland was a blast; the food was incredible and the conversation stimulating. Unfortunately, with the wet weather and the increasingly late hour, we didn't get to all the questions for our panel discussion, especially those for fish expert Paul Johnson. Kindly, Paul has agreed to answer those questions online. But we want your questions too! Send your seafood-related queries to, and we'll forward them on to Paul -- and post his answers soon.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. Just in time for holiday giving: '"King is on DVD! You can buy the DVDs by the bushel (five in a pack for $99) and give them as gifts to all your friends who haven't yet seen this terrific film. Plus, for every DVD sold between now and Christmas, one dollar will go to support the Next Generation campaign of Practical Farmers of Iowa.

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story1text: Vegan and delicious go hand-in-hand in this new age of animal-free baking.
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story2text: Carrie Floyd explores variations on vegetarian cooking and eating.

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recipe1text: These lovely cookies are easy to make and delightful to eat.
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recipe2text: Spanish paprika adds a special something to this hearty soup.

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