To Buy or Not to Buy Organic

(book, Cindy Burke)

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h4. From the publisher

In the introduction to her new book, food journalist and former professional chef Cindy Burke writes, “Organic food can be so expensive and difficult to find that I always wondered if I was spending my money wisely. I decided to become informed, really informed, about the options — organic, conventional, local, sustainable — so that I could choose the healthiest, safest food available.”

To Buy or Not to Buy Organic is the result of Burke’s investigations. It tells you how to choose the healthiest, safest, most earth-friendly food, as you make your way through the supermarket, your local farmers' market, or your natural-foods store. 

Highlights include:
• Making sense of the choices presented by organic, local, sustainable, minimally treated, grass-fed, and cage-free foods
• Reducing your exposure to pesticides
• Saving money by knowing the foods you want to eat only if they’re organic and the foods that are pesticide-free even when they are non-organic
• Protecting your child’s health from pesticides
• An at-a-glance shopper’s guide to more than 100 foods

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