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Who are our dinner guests?

(article, Kim Carlson)

We named our new blog Dinner Guest, and in putting it together I've felt a little like a host making invitations to a dinner party. You know, wanting to invite new friends and old, interesting people of mixed ages and varied interests, someone to wear the lampshade at the end of the evening. 

Or maybe it's more like planning a menu: Something hearty, something green, something sweet, and something for the person who doesn't eat \[fill in the blank\]. 

One nice thing is that at this particular party you can sit down to dinner at any time. So please, nibble away at the current blog, with Curt Ellis and Harriet Fasenfest posting regularly. 

And more bloggers yet to join us.

[%image "reference-image" width=350 float=right caption="Here's one thing I love to make with winter squash: Autumn Lasagna (recipe coming soon, I promise)."] 

h3. We're giving away another copy of Hungry Planet

Head over to The Produce Diaries and tell us what you like to make with winter squash. We'll pick a random commenter to receive a copy of one of our favorite books. 

But at least as good as that, you (and I) can mine this collection of comments for food inspiration. I've loved the suggestions you all have sent for your favorite ways to eat tomatoes and eggs — so bring on the winter squash. We're hungry.

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