Comfort Me with Apples

(book, Ruth Reichl)

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h4. From the publisher

In the second of Ruth Reichl's three-volume memoir series, the author brings to life her adventures in pursuit of good meals and good company. Picking up where Tender at the Bone left off, Comfort Me with Apples recounts Reichl’s transformation from chef to food writer, a process that led her through restaurants from Bangkok to Paris to Los Angeles and brought lessons in life, love, and food.

It is an apprenticeship by turns delightful and daunting, one told in the most winning and engaging of voices. Reichl’s anecdotes — a summer lunch with M. F. K. Fisher, a mad dash through the produce market with Wolfgang Puck, a garlic feast with Alice Waters — are priceless. She's unafraid, even eager, to poke holes in the pretensions of food critics, making each meal a hilarious and instructive occasion for novices and experts alike. 

In Comfort Me with Apples, Reichl once again demonstrates her inimitable ability to combine food writing, humor, and memoir into an art form.
Dry-Fried Shrimp
Miang Kam
Mushroom Soup