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 h1. Dear Reader,
 Are you familiar with Sally Schneider? She's a cookbook author with the unlikely but intriguing goal of teaching people how to improvise recipes. "When people understand how a recipe works -- its various options and directions -- they can improvise right away," she says. "Otherwise, they're stuck with a recipe that seems finite." Read more in our recent interview.
 A while back, we published an essay -- also on the topic of improvising in the kitchen -- by Erika Kleinman, one of the founders of the popular food blog The Ethicurean. This week, Ethicurean co-founder Bonnie Powell is on our site, sampling the military diet.

 If you're an ice-cream fan, don't miss your chance to win a copy of The Perfect Scoop, personally signed to each winner by author David Lebovitz. The drawing for the three winners will take place on Friday, August 10. To enter, just leave a comment on last Monday's Our Table.

 Finally, do crabs scream when you cook them? I'll let Jes Burns fill you in. 

 As for me, I'm happily corn-fed and rosé-watered this month. I hope you are too.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: In this South Carolina household, they put up crab to eat all year long.
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story2text: Deborah Madison is cherry-happy -- and she has a question for you.

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recipe1text: Olive tapenade -- with capers and anchovies -- is a flavorful accompaniment to grilled meats.

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recipe2text: This Matthew Card recipe is our new summer staple.

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