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Roast Garlicky Butternut Squash with Chicken and Wheat Pasta

(post, Sanura Weathers)

primary-image, l is my new social media addiction. It’s not quite as addictive as Twitter or Facebook, but its slowly gaining popularity. Similar to my early experiences of using Twitter, it was quite boring. Now, I’m beginning to follow relevant people or organizations, such as Newsweek, NPR, and so forth. There a few food blogs of interest, but most of them are “borrowing” food photos from actual food blog sites. Occasionally, there’s an everyday person who post a story, quote or photo that engages my interest. Last November, someone, who I wish to remember his or her name, recommended a book, The Gastronomy of Marriage by Michelle Maisto, who is a food blogger at The title sounds like an Italian Renaissance painting. The beauty is in the writing. To some, whose attention span is on par with today’s pop culture of instant trends coming and going in millisecond timeframes, Ms. Maisto is a relaxing read. Continue reading to get the recipe...