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Breaking Bread

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In the past few months, there were three “Celebration of Life” ceremonies balanced by two baby showers, and most plans or ideas didn’t come into fruition. From December to the present, my personal life is emotionally chaotic. However, my faith remains strong for recognizing such erratic energy is temporary. Along with life’s mandatory priorities, the time spent working on My Life Runs On Food is a simple pleasure.

One of my personal goals this year is to learn the process of making bread from scratch. There’s a picture in Dad’s kitchen with his first loaves of homemade bread. I remember that day as a child, because the picture was taken by me. We all know the difference in taste of homemade versus commercial store bread. That’s a known fact. In New York, like other major cities, there are plenty of beautiful artisan bakeries of intense passion. It does seem contrite and unnecessary to spend a whole day baking bread. Read more...