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Peanut Butter Cookie and Chocolate Cream Sandwich

(post, Sanura Weathers)

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For the past couple weeks, instead of planning an elaborate Thanksgiving meal, the only concern was choosing a dessert for kids to enjoy. We all know there are many sweet recipes in the universe, but feeding kids is a finicky situation. A cake seems like an easy choice, but it’s difficult to transport. Cookies became the obvious answer.

There are many types of cookies, but a cookie sandwich made from scratch is completely unexpected for many kids. What flavor would kids prefer? There are many flavors, but two choices became clear. It was either the classic Chocolate Cookie with Peanut Butter Cream or an exotic Orange Cookie with Pomegranate Cream sandwich. The question was posted on my personal Facebook page. Everyone said Chocolate Cookie with Peanut Butter Cream. Kids are simple, for the latter choice is too complex. A friend said a kid eating an orange cookie would scrunch up their face in disgust. I faintly envision hearing a whiny “ewwww” from a child’s mouth as they tasted a buttery citrus cookie. My heart sunk at the thought. Another friend mentioned every kid loves chocolate. I wanted someone to say the exotic cookie, because it’s more enticing to make. For a while, everyone’s advice was ignored. A girlfriend suggested if the orange cookies are made, don’t tell the kids about the flavor until they’ve tried and finished it. That sounds fair to me. Read more...