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 h1. Dear readers,
 Have you read Amy Bloom’s brilliant short story 'Love is Not a Pie'? I've appreciated it since I read it years ago — and appreciated the sentiment that one person's love for friends and family is big, amorphous, not easily sliced. 

 Still, I can't help but poke at the title. From a food-lover's perspective love might very well be a pie. That is, there's hardly a better way to say "I love you," than baking someone a pie.

 Sitting on my porch now is a sweet little sugar pie pumpkin, just waiting to be cooked. I'm a big fan of Oregon-grown pumpkin in a can — but sometimes, when lots of love is involved — a real pumpkin is called for. 

 So this weekend, here is my plan: First, I'll make a pumpkin purée, then choose a pie (it'll probably be Mom's). Of course, there is the crust to think about; we have a couple of those on Culinate (and, yes, that means staying away from the perfect-in-a-pinch Grand Central U-Bake pie crust that's tucked in the basement freezer). 

 Baking a pie isn't a giant gesture. But there is a lot of love in it — both in the baking and the eating. I hope you'll join me in the soulful gesture of baking a pie soon.

 And here's to a dollop of whipped cream on top.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Growing her own food and seeing the film 'Queen of the Sun' sealed Trista Cornelius' fondness for bees."
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story2text: "This time of year, Marisa McClellan eats soup daily. Here's her soup story and a creamy vegetable soup recipe." 

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recipe1text: "Dorie Greenspan's version of farçous, a traditional French favorite — vegetarian, too."
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recipe2text: "This hearty, flavorful appetizer will win you friends."

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