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Cake Keeper Cakes

(book, Lauren Chattman)

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Developed with the busy baker in mind, this intoxicating collection of simple recipes shows you how to make long-lasting cakes just like Mom used to do, but in half the time.

Made from only the most wholesome ingredients, and often prepared in just one bowl, Lauren Chattman's heavenly recipes include Espresso-Hazelnut Bundt Cake, Banana and Bittersweet Chocolate Cake, Citrus Pound Cake, Raspberry Yellow Cake Squares, and Mississippi Mud Cake.

From your first glance at the luscious imagery to your last bite of every rich gooey morsel, here's a book every cake lover will want to have around the house.
Everyday Yogurt Cake
Orange-Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with Sour Cream Glaze