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A Pantry Staple Salad: Black-eye Pea and Chickpea Salad

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The sun played with us this past weekend. When it hid behind the clouds, the temperature would drop to a slight chill. When it decided to become the center of the world, we basked in its warmth. What can one say to the sun, us being mere mortals? Alas, the survival of the fittest adapts to change. Wearing a sundress and sandals, a scarf and a jacket were stuffed into a bag. It was a lovely time that started on a Friday. Despite all the weekend activities, Sunday evening arrived slowly. With little time to cook a traditional Sunday meal, a few pantry staples of lemons, canned beans, cornmeal and milk were placed on the counter. Read the rest of the story and get the recipe at My Life Runs On Food.