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Canning and Preserving

(book, Ashley English)

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Yes, you can! More and more people have discovered what grandma always knew: canning and preserving supply you with wholesome, tasty treats year-round. And this Homemade Living guide provides all the practical, hold-your-hand basics, along with plenty of step-by-step photos.

Learn about the necessary tools of the trade, crucial safety tips, and hot-water-bath processing and pressure canning. Discover the all-important sciences of salt and sugar and how to select the best possible ingredients, favoring seasonal, organic, and local options. 

Three topic-specific primers cover pickles, relishes, and chutneys; jams, jellies, butters, and curds; and whole fruits and veggies. Each offers at least two “Canning Classic” recipes with variation ideas. 
Strawberry Jam
Whole, Crushed, or Quartered Tomatoes
Grape Jelly