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Introduce yourself to soy

(article, Culinate staff)

When we think of Kim O'Donnel and "T and T" around here, we think of [/columns/tabletalk "Table Talk,"] of course. But Kim is hosting another T and T discussion next week over on her column at True/Slant: the Tempeh & Tofu Challenge.

[/columns/tabletalk/tabletalkmarch11 "On March 11"], Kim's Culinate chat focused on meatless eating — as one chat per month usually does (it's a topic near and dear to Kim's heart). Confusion about tofu and tempeh came up — as it sometimes does — and soon the T&T Challenge was born. 

Beginning April 5, Kim's blog hosts guests who love tofu and tempeh — and know how to cook both: [/articles/theculinateinterview/bryantterry "Bryant Terry"] (author of Vegan Soul Kitchen); Isa Chandra Moskowitz (Veganomicon); Mollie Katzen (The New Moosewood Cookbook and most recently, Get Cooking); Miami Herald and Huffington Post veg columnist [/user/ellenink "Ellen Kanner"]; and others.

There will be product giveaways, blog posts from participants who are learning the ways of soy, and another Thursday chat on the topic. Read more about Kim and the Challenge over at the Meatless Monday site. 

Soy on!