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It’s a Chili Mole Weekend

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At a meeting last week, someone asked, “What’s the perfect meal to serve for a snowy weekend?” This weekend is also Superbowl Sunday. Instead of trying to show off my knowledge of recipes by mentioning exotic ingredients, my answer was simple. I said chili. It’s a comforting, spicy dish. Everyone wants a bowl, especially on a cold day. I didn’t mention the mole addition that gives this sauce a complex flavor. As a Superbowl dish, serve it over rice or on a sausage hot dog. Sausages, instead of hot dogs, could be a better option, because the source of the meat is not a mystery.

That same day, another person asked what I put in my chili, and I mentioned beer. She asked, “Why not wine?” I was thinking, “Wine in chili? This is a cheap dish!” Alas, the beer addition is another chili version. This recipe has a mole base, but I did sweeten it with a little wine. Garnish the sauce with chopped scallions and cilantro. Cheddar cheese is a classic topping, but this sauce taste better with grated Manchego cheese.

Note: Remember the mole enchiladas that was made a few weeks ago? So much sauce was made, I was able to freeze a few cups for this chili recipe. Buttermilk Cornbread served as a side dish to this meal.

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