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Halfway through Winter: Saute Scallops and Corn over Fresh Lima Bean Puree

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Halfway through the winter I crave fresh vegetables; start making plans for a herb and flower gardens (this year, they will grow in my apartment’s window still); and think about warmer temperatures. In New York, we still have a few snowfalls and deep freezing temperatures to bear. One particularly warmer winter day, I curiously brought a container of dried lima beans. When I think of lima beans, I think of the frozen or the canned version my father would mix with corn and tomatoes to make succotash. I wasn’t always crazy about that lima bean salad. The ones I picked up in the store were creamy white, not the green beans I was accustomed to seeing growing up.

Fresh lima beans were the original bean planned for the Kale soup. Needing some fresh air, I decided to take a walk outside and to visit a friend. Seeing a group of people engaging in conversation, we starting talking about dinner. I told them about the menu I was preparing, for I was expecting to make a fast soup with fresh lima beans. They quickly told me lima beans take four hours to cook. It was the time of day, people were closing shops and sitting down to eat with their families. I should have started cooking the lima beans earlier. Luckily, I had a can of red kidney beans, and I placed the lima beans (re-hydrated with their outer shells removed ) in the freezer.

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