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Hazelnut, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

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People who keep a well-stock supply of chocolate in their office are my buddies. My co-workers are the reason I can never be truly sugar-free. Yes, I’m playing the “blame game”. The other day, I had the audacity to request peanut butter cups, but I fail to restock their candy tray. As a thank you treat to my co-workers, I initially decided to make a chocolate pound cake. A decadent one. The type of cake that will kill a chocolate craving in one bite. However, when I went running last week, I realized I have to start making healthier meals. I still owe my co-workers some type of treat. Hopefully, the oatmeal cookies will be peacemaker with the co-workers. It’s a sugary, healthy treat. Perhaps, the cookies will prevent my overindulgence of their candy stash for one day.

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