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All the Best Greens

(recipe, Bluebird Farmers Market & CSA)

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For all the best in local flavors and healthy happiness...serve local fresh greens on New Year's Day and throughout your year. Fresh Greens bring us prosperity and happiness by being a source of nutrients that promote wellness! For all the best greens in season, conveniently order a veggie share box online at Bluebird Farm 2u.


  1. 1 bunch farm fresh collards, kale, mustard or turnip greens
  2. extra virgin olive oil
  3. sea salt
  4. black pepper
  5. Crystal Hot Sauce


  1. Rinse the greens until the water is clear and all soil washed away.
  2. Place in boiling salted water in large pot or crock pot.
  3. Add olive oil, sea salt and pepper to taste.
  4. When tender, drain and serve with Crystal Hot Sauce.